Questions You Should Ask Before Using Medical Marijuana

Questions You Should Ask Before Using Medical Marijuana

Have you been prescribed medical marijuana for your condition? Like most people, you probably have some questions—and we’re here to answer them.

  • Where can I get medical marijuana?
    Find a medical cannabis clinic that source from Health Canada Licensed Producers. Book an appointment to get a prescription. Make sure that they work with qualified and licensed physicians.
  • What can I use it for?
    Cannabis is usually prescribed to relieve the symptoms of pain and mental conditions, migraines, stress, anxiety, seizures or epilepsy, digestive issues, and sleep disorder. It may also be considered for arthritis, sleep disorders, nausea, cancer, IBS, menopause, PTSD, and sexual dysfunction.
  • Is it the same as recreational marijuana?
    Medical marijuana from licensed producers and recreational marijuana from licensed dispensaries are highly regulated and should meet certain standards and conditions. However, it makes more sense to use medical cannabis from LPs to make sure that you are getting the right strains and dosage for your specific condition.
  • How do I get a prescription?
    Book your consultation with a qualified physician at a cannabis clinic for an assessment. The doctor will determine if medical marijuana is a suitable treatment option for your condition. If it is, they will write a prescription to authorize your use.
  • What are the rules for use?
    A license for possessing medical cannabis in Calgary will be on every bottle of marijuana. If you’re leaving your home with marijuana, make sure it’s in its original bottle. Keep in mind that the license on the bottles will expire, and when it does, you’re not allowed to carry them unless you’ve seen a physician and got a prescription past the date on the bottle.
  • Can I travel outside Calgary with cannabis?
    You cannot legally leave Canada with medical marijuana even if cannabis is legal in your destination. However, you can fly or travel with it only within Canada. Just be sure to take all critical precautions to prevent any issues.

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