Cancer Treatment with Usage of Medical Marijuana

Patient’s Guide: How to Use Marijuana Oil for Cancer

Cannabis is legal in Canada, which means that with your doctor’s approval, you can use medical marijuana in Calgary to relieve the symptoms of cancer and treatments like chemotherapy. Marijuana oil in particular has been approved for symptom management. Further research is still being done, but you may consider looking into a local medical cannabis clinic for personalized treatment even without a referral from a family doctor. Just be sure that the facility is legal and authorized to provide medical cannabis.

What can you use it for?

It’s important to know that medical marijuana has been found by research to be currently helpful for symptom management. It is not a cure. Cannabis has a great potential to be a complementary treatment to conventional cancer treatment. Here are suggestions for using marijuana oil from a medical cannabis clinic in Calgary:

  • Restore appetite, reduce nausea – Nausea and loss of appetite are among the effects of chemotherapy. This could make it challenging to eat and ensure a healthy weight. By ingesting marijuana oil, cannabinoids such as THC will go to your bloodstream and to your brain to stimulate appetite. It also minimizes that nauseating feeling during chemotherapy.
  • Pain relief – Cancer and chemotherapy may cause you to be in a great deal of pain. Instead of increasing painkiller or opioid dosage, marijuana oil may be considered. The oil targets the CB1 receptors to relieve pain induced by nerve damage.

How is it used?

Marijuana oil is typically ingested orally, usually by placing a few drops under your tongue. Be sure to follow the correct dosage as advised by the medical cannabis clinic in Calgary. In some cases, the oil may be rubbed onto your skin and you can leave it there to be absorbed naturally into your bloodstream.

Getting cannabis oil in Calgary

Find a trustworthy medical marijuana clinic that can help you pick a licensed producer. You can also schedule a consultation with them when necessary. A representative will look into your license and information and register them with the licensed producer of your choice. This way, you can buy the oil directly from the producer.


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