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Sleeping is an essential routine that is needed in order to maintain our mental and physical health, but sadly some people might experience some problems with the quality, timing and the amount of sleep, which then can cause functioning problems during the day. These problems that can cause you trouble with sleeping are known as Sleep Disorders, there are many types such as Insomnia, narcolepsy and sleep apnea just to name a few.

Sleep disorders are conditions that affect the sleeping cycle, health and life quality. Some symptoms of sleep disorders include feeling very sleepy in the day and problems when trying to sleep at night. Falling asleep at inappropriate times, irregular sleep and wake cycle are also symptoms.

Marijuana & Sleep Disorders

Why Medical Marijuana for Sleep Disorders? 

Treatments for sleep disorders are widely available, for some these prove effective, but for others the side-effects can outweigh the benefits. This is why many people have started to see medical cannabis treatments as a good option since many patients have found that medical marijuana offers an effective and natural alternative that promotes rest and allows them to wake refreshed. Another motive for people to start turning to medical marijuana for sleep disorders is due to the vast array of different strains available, since different strains have different effects, and people react differently to various strains. While this can make it difficult to find the right strain immediately, it also means there’s a good chance you’ll find something that works well for you. If one strain isn’t helping you get to sleep, another might.

Since cannabis is known to induce people into a state of relaxation, it has the effect of relaxation and sedative effects, which means, it is easier to get sleepy at night. Some doctors and specialists argue that CBD can bring a better impact on enhancing sleep whereas THC can decrease the sleep latency but in the long term, it can suppress the slow wave sleep. More people are using medical cannabis treatments for sleep disorders looking for a better and longer sleeping. A reason why people are using medical marijuana is because it is less addictive, with less side effects than conventional treatments. Also, it has a better and efficient way to improve your sleep with effective reactions.

Links between Marijuana and Sleep Disorders

There have been studies starting since the 1970´s about the effect of cannabis on sleep in humans. Researchers have conducted studies with volunteers about how cannabis affects the sleeping brain and measured sleep stages and sleep continuity. Some studies have shown that users’ ability to fall and stay asleep improved. These outcomes are believed to result primarily from the sedative properties of two cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant, THC and CBD.

When attending to their clinics, many patients have agreed that it is a natural alternative that provides them with rest by letting them wake refreshed every morning. Also, some doctors have seen that the use of medical marijuana can also help with mental health symptoms that can be a cause of sleep disorders and nightmares. It can also help when depression and anxiety give as a result a better dream period.

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