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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a complex neurodevelopment disorder that is usually first diagnosed in childhood, but often lasts into adulthood. People (mainly children) may have hyperactivity and become unable to control their impulses, have difficulty to stay focused on work, and have difficulty getting along with others.

Some other symptoms can include agitation, irritability, lack of restraint and lower dopamine levels. Patients without an ADHD treatment will face challenges, bringing difficult social relations.

Why Medical Marijuana for ADHD? 

Medical marijuana has many benefits on health that can be translated into an efficient medical cannabis treatment. Some doctors and clinics argue that an ADHD treatment with cannabis is helpful to handle the symptoms with fewer side effects than a regular treatment. Products with cannabis can bring a boost to dopamine production. An ADHD treatment based in cannabis has the capacity to bring the mental slowdown that is needed for the concentration of patients.

The impact of medical marijuana when a person has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is the ability to improve the production of dopamine in the brain. This hormone in our bodies is a chemical neurotransmitter involved in the cognitive processes that we do everyday such as memory and attention, bringing a better concentration process.

Links Between Marijuana & ADHD

Furthermore, short-term effects of using an ADHD treatment with cannabis include impaired short-term memory and motor coordination. In comparison with conventional ADHD treatments, the use of marijuana in patients is less invasive with less side effects. Some patients have argued that the use of medical marijuana has also helped them appetite stimulation, relieve their anxiety, and lower levels of pain.

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