Natural & Effective Treatment for PTSD & Depression with Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis for PTSD And Depression: A Natural and Effective Treatment

PTSD and depression are two different conditions that can affect your mood and get in the way of your daily life. They can occur at the same time, too, especially when your depressive mood is caused by a traumatic event.

Symptoms such as losing interest in the things and people you usually like, getting angry over the smallest things, and having trouble sleeping may affect your health and well-being, as well as your relationships with others. It’s important to seek treatment from a professional. Medical cannabis could be an effective and natural way to treat your condition.

Marijuana is acceptable for medical purposes in Calgary. You can get access to medical cannabis from a licensed clinic, which can provide it to you per your doctor’s prescription for the treatment of depression and PTSD.  New studies have examined the benefits and effects of cannabis on post-traumatic stress disorder and its related symptoms like depression. According to researchers from the University of British Columbia, PTSD sufferers are more likely to have suicidal tendencies and become majorly depressed unless they use marijuana.

There is evidence that PTSD can greatly increase the risk of suicide and depression, so researchers investigated whether marijuana can modify the link between those conditions. They found that methodological treatment with cannabis could reduce the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on suicidal ideation and major depressive episodes.

They also found that the odds of having ideas of suicide or major depressive episodes were around 20 times more in subjects diagnosed with PTSD and are non-cannabis users, compared to cannabis users whose odds are at only six to seven times greater.

Anti-depressants may have some side-effects and cause individuals to become addicted to them when taken in the long run. Medical marijuana may be a better way to treat depression and PTSD as it relieves the symptoms of the conditions, such as anxiety, insomnia, and mood swings. CBD and THC in cannabis could trigger the brain’s receptors to produce the neurotransmitters necessary for promoting memory, pleasure, and happiness. This way, people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder may be spared from nightmares and traumatic memories while achieving an enhanced emotional well-being.

A cannabis doctor from a licensed clinic in Calgary can prescribe medical marijuana for you, in case you want to try a natural way to overcome the symptoms of PTSD and depression. Simply book an appointment for your initial assessment so you can be assisted in finding a licensed producer, too.


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