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Everything You Need To Know

Our mission is to provide our patients with the resources and education they need to make informed decisions when choosing their Medical Cannabis Calgary treatment plan. With the vast array of Cannabis products, strains, and consumption methods it is important as a patient to get a foundational understanding of how Medical Cannabis can be used therapeutically. It is also important to have at least a basic understanding of how some of the various products, strains, and consumption methods can be beneficial for specific symptoms & conditions.

To help our patients get access to this information in a convenient and easily digestible way, we will personally help guide you through the process of gaining access to cannabis.

Step 1: Book an appointment online by clicking here

Step 2: Our office will get in touch with you to confirm your booking

Step 3: You’ll visit one of our qualified physicians to get a prescription

Step 4: We’ll connect you with Health Canada Approved Licensed Producers

Step 5: You’ll get access to all the knowledge, information and education you need along the way to help you make informed decisions on the best way to use your treatment. Please click the links below to get started on your path to natural wellness utilizing Medical Cannabis.


Medical Cannabis 101

Learn More About Strains, Types of Medical Cannabis,
How to take it & More
Cannabis for cancer

Have a medical condition that is affecting your quality of life? Medical cannabis may be able to help you manage your mild to chronic symptoms. Learn more >>

Ready to try medical cannabis in Calgary but unsure of how to obtain a prescription? Find out more about the process and how we can help you. Learn more >>

Medical Marijuana In Calgary Through SmartLeaf Health Services

If you’re struggling with mild to severe medical conditions and you’d like to try medical marijuana, Calgary businesses such as SmartLeaf Health Services can connect you to qualified physicians quickly, and to Health Canada Approved Licensed Producers. Learn more >>

Qualified physicians are ready to help you receive the medical cannabis prescription you need to aid your medical conditions, and SmartLeaf Health Services is ready to connect you to them as well as Health Canada Approved Licensed Producers. Learn more >>