Is Medical Cannabis legal in Canada?

In Canada, cannabis is legal for medicinal and recreational purposes under the federal Cannabis Act, which came into effect on October 17th, 2018. Canada is the first G7 and G20 nation, and the second country in the world (following Uruguay) to formally legalize cannabis. Regulated medicinal cannabis has been legal in Canada as of July 30th, 2001, alongside the 1923 prohibition.

The Cannabis Act

The Cannabis Act is designed to protect the public’s health and safety, ensure cannabis is prohibited from the youth, and displace the illegal cannabis market. The following are prohibitions, obligations, and offences under the Cannabis Act, which must be strictly adhered to in Canada:

  • Individuals under the age of 18 (depending on the province and territory) are prohibited from purchasing, possessing, and consuming cannabis products
  • Selling cannabis to individuals under the legal age is strictly prohibited.
  • It is illegal to transport cannabis, including CBD products, across the Canadian border, even if cannabis is legal in a specific country.
  • You must not possess over 30 grams of dried cannabis, or equivalent in a non-dried form, in public.
  • Drinking under the influence of cannabis is illegal. Operating vehicles or equipment while impaired by cannabis is a serious criminal offence.

Medical Cannabis 

Canadians can access cannabis for medical purposes. Your health care provider may discuss whether cannabis can be used to treat your symptoms. If it determined that a limited amount of cannabis should be used to treat your symptoms, then your health care provider may issue a medical document. Patients authorized by a health care provider may access medical cannabis through the following options:

  • Purchasing it directly from a federally licensed seller: A federal license is required to grow, produce, and distribute cannabis for medical or non-medical purposes. Individuals may register to purchase cannabis from holders of a license issued by Health Canada under the Cannabis Regulations.
  • Designating an individual to produce it for them: The designate must ordinarily live in Canada and be of legal age. The designate must not be authorized with more than two registrations to produce cannabis plants.
  • Registering with Health Canada to produce their cannabis for medical purposes: You must ordinarily live in Canada, be of legal age, only register once at a time, and attest that you have not been convicted of a cannabis-related offence.

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