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Important Consumer Information For Cannabis Use In Canada


If you are considering using medical cannabis and currently have health concerns, or are being treated for any health issues, speak to our healthcare practitioners for more information. If you are a current user of cannabis and would like more information on the effects cannabis may have on your health, speak to our healthcare practitioners for more details.

Consumption For Beginners

Do not overindulge, start with low doses, and ease into it.

  • Begin with smaller amounts of cannabis
  • Select products with low amounts of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD levels that are equal to the THC level you are using, or higher.
  • Do not mix cannabis with other substances that heighten impairment, such as alcohol.
  • Be sure to use cannabis in safe environments and around people you trust.
  • Avoid smoking cannabis. There are other ways to take it.
  • Refrain from frequent use
  • Be sure to store in safe and secure areas away from children and pets.


*It is possible for some effects to last up to 24 hours


Side effects from cannabis use 

  • Impairment and inability
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Anxiousness, paranoia, panic attacks

Frequently used over extended periods of time

  • If smoked, may hurt your lungs and cause difficulty in breathing
  • May affect mental health
  • May cause physical dependence or addiction


Contact one of our healthcare providers if you or someone you know needs support for problematic use of cannabis.


Know and follow the rules to stay safe

  • Do not drive under the influence of cannabis
  • Do not go to work while impaired
  • Always buy from legal and reputable sources
  • Know where cannabis use is allowed within your community
  • Do not have more than 30g on hand in public, unless authorized



Please note that it is illegal to carry cannabis and products containing cannabis into or out of Canada. Serious criminal action may be taken against you within Canada or abroad if the law is ignored.

If you are unsure or would like to try cannabis for medical purposes, book an appointment with one of our qualified physicians. they can walk you through the process, answer any pressing questions you may have, and offer a free prescription (covered by Alberta Health).


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