How To Deal With Anxiety Using Medical Marijuana

How To Deal With Anxiety Using Medical Marijuana

How to deal with anxiety? The most common method is through pharmaceuticals, but more people are relying on natural treatment options such as medical marijuana, specifically CDB oil & THC.

In the past, our society seemed to have severely swept anxiety disorders under the rug. However, in recent years, the attention and approach on mental health disorders in Canada have drastically changed for the better. 

It’s important to remember that anxiety for short periods of time is absolutely normal and sometimes quite helpful in certain situations. It can help you act with a sense of urgency during a time when one needs to be self-aware in dangerous situations.

But, this can become a huge problem when the feeling of anxiety persists. If anxiety becomes chronic, the individuals will often experience a wide range of symptoms like:

Sleep problems, fear, tension, terror, the feeling of inner turmoil, worrying, nervousness and panic attacks that can affect breathing; just to name a few. This disorder can also develop into other anxiety disorders such as social anxiety, separation anxiety and other more specific phobias. 

According to the Canadian Government, a survey conducted in 2014 revealed that 3 million Canadian participants aged 18 years or older reported mood and/or anxiety issues. 

27% of these individuals reported their condition to be mild to extreme, resulting in interference with their daily life including work and other basic activities.

50% of the 27% mentioned had to obtain some sort of work modification, such as switching shift hours to be able to continue working, while 37% reported leaving the workplace altogether due to anxiety. 

27% of these individuals reported their condition to be mild to extreme, resulting in interference with their daily life including work and other basic activities.

50% of the 27% mentioned had to obtain some sort of work modification, such as switching shift hours to be able to continue working, while 37% reported leaving the workplace altogether due to anxiety. 

So what have the anxiety sufferers of Canada done to manage this often life altering disorder?

Roughly 77% of the afflicted survey participants sought out a healthcare professional or specialist.
19% of the 77% listed received psychiatric attention, and 70% of the 77% listed are taking some sort or prescription medication to control their anxiety disorder. 

The remaining 23% of the afflicted survey participants reported to have not sought out any professional help. 
Keep in mind the figures mentioned above reflect the actions taken by individuals in 2014. Since then, there has been a population growth of almost 2 million people from both natural increase as well as international migration. 
One should also take into account the increase of youth growing into young adults. Evidently, this would only mean that there would be an increase in anxiety disorders in the present day. 

Needless to say, this is a problem a lot of Canadians are dealing with, and despite the lack of attention received in the not so distant past, we have indeed turned the page to a brighter, resource filled future when it comes to mental health. 

Many methods are being explored and studied to help combat anxiety. More options are now available to those in need, for instance, meditation, yoga, better sleep practices, to new natural medications may also be taken into account.

Use of Medical Marijuana For Anxiety

Since the Canadian Government legalized marijuana in late 2018, an enormous amount of focus has been placed on this very curious wonder plant, nationwide. 

A fair amount of research and studies have also been conducted to understand its medical properties and benefits as well. 

Shockingly, it was discovered that this plant had a considerable amount of potential in the medical world, especially when it comes to anxiety. 

Taking into account the symptoms that accompany this disorder, it’s no wonder many people are searching for a way to ease this discomfort which can easily turn serious. 

Cannabis for anxiety has been a natural treatment option for mild to extreme conditions for many Canadians nationwide.

However, for many years, pharmaceutical drugs were the first treatment options doctors would prescribe to their patients. The problem with these prescription drugs are the side effects reported. 

There are long lists of mild to very serious side effects such as confusion, amnesia, depression, disorientation, and difficulties breathing. These are all extreme symptoms of highly prescribed anti anxiety drugs called benzodiazepines. 

When a specific drug does not work despite attempts at different doses and other therapies used in conjunction, another drug is usually prescribed in its place for testing. This may very well take a toll on the sufferer, often making the whole situation worse. 

Although there have been patients that have been successful with pharmaceutical drugs, the list of side effects that include dependency, are enough to steer a growing number of people away from prescription drugs and towards a more natural option. 

Let’s talk about how medical cannabis for anxiety seems to be the first choice for many sufferers.

According to recent studies, there are certain strains of cannabis that can greatly alleviate the symptoms that come along with anxiety. 

Furthermore, when individuals take the correct marijuana strain and dosages, there are little to no side effects. This is huge considering the endless list of side effects that one could more often than not experience when taking prescription medication. 

Cannabis has two major natural compounds with a few differences, which are CBD and THC. 
THC is psychoactive which produces the “head high”, whereas CBD mainly provides relief from medical conditions without the high.

While THC can be very helpful in some medical cases, it is advised for anxiety sufferers to stand clear of high doses of THC. THC triggers a part of the brain (amygdala) responsible for fear, which of course may make the symptoms of anxiety much worse. 

Even though cannabis is natural, great care should be taken when exploring this alternative. Anxiety sufferers should look into cannabis strains with higher doses of CBD, but to get the right dosage amounts for your unique self, it’s best to speak with a qualified physician.

If you have mild to severe anxiety or know someone with mild to severe anxiety, cannabis may be a viable option. 

Remember, it is important to always consult a healthcare professional when considering a new medication, whether it be prescription or natural, as every person’s body reacts differently. Although cannabis has proven to be extremely helpful to many Canadians across the nation, the desired outcome is highly dependent on strain and dosage. 

Don’t forget to reach out to a healthcare professional, or you may also quickly and conveniently book an appointment to speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly consultants by clicking here. 

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