Health Insurance in the Medical Cannabis World

As the medical cannabis industry grows, patients seek clarity on how insurance coverage works for medical cannabis, reaching for reliable information in how they can alleviate the costs of their prescription. It is important to recognize that due to the nature of an emerging industry such as medical cannabis, coverage with insurance providers can be limited.

With almost 20 years since the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes in Canada, Insurance companies are introducing medical marijuana in their medical coverage plans. Most of the coverage offered is limited to specific a condition that ultimately doesn’t alleviate the cost for most users. However, most of the Health Care Spending Accounts (HCSA’s) will fully cover medical cannabis, including the related products such as vaporizers, pipes, and replacement syringes.

First Steps

  1. Contact your insurance provider regarding medical cannabis treatments in your current plan and coverage.
  2. If coverage is available for your case, confirm and download any documentation required to process your claim.
  3. Afterwards, provide the documentation that needs validation to your medical cannabis provider in the next appointment.
  4. Finally, after being validated, submit your claim with all the information required by your insurance company through either email or in person.

Processing an Insurance Claim for Medical Cannabis with your Health Care Spending Accounts.

  1. Reassure your eligibility by contacting your HR department or plan administrator. This implies you have a HCSA included in your workplace benefits, and that your company will assume medical cannabis as a medical expense.
  2. If covered, ask for your insurance company’s reimbursement form. Carefully follow the instructions and complete the form. Additionally, be prepared with a copy of your prescription for medical cannabis from a physician and any receipt proving you purchased your medical cannabis from a licensed producer.
  3. Finally, send the completed form along with all the required documentation to your insurance provider.

Here are some insurance companies that cover medical marijuana through HCSA’s

  • Sun Life Financial
  • Manulife
  • Great-West Life
  • Green Shield
  • Medavie Blue Cross
  • Alberta Blue Cross
  • SSQ Insurance

What about taxes? 

In case your group health plan or HCSA’s doesn’t cover medical cannabis, you can still claim your medical cannabis expenses on your tax return. It is important to keep your prescription and receipts close in case the

Canada Revenue Agency asks for them. Tax return is available bearing into account that only those whose medical cannabis purchases were made through a licensed producer.

Compassionate Pricing

Another option is provided by many Licensed Providers which focus on offering benefits to low-income individuals and members of programs regarding disability support. This is known as compassionate pricing that may also come along with some free vaporizers. However it doesn’t fully cover the medical marijuana expenses.

If you are looking to start a medical marijuana treatment for any condition, we recommend that you do not self-medicate and approach the experts for the treatment to be successful.

Get in touch today and we’ll connect you with the right qualified physician covered by Alberta Health, and Health Canada Approved Licensed Producers.

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