Debunking Myths about Medical Cannabis

Debunking Myths about Medical Cannabis

The prohibition of marijuana in many countries and the lack of information about it have created myths around the use of medical marijuana that makes some patients doubt the option of starting treatment with this substance.

SmartLeaf Health experts have prepared this blog post to clarify myths and realities about medical marijuana.

“Medical marijuana treatments are addictive”; “People only use marijuana to get high”; “Marijuana is a street drug that leads to using other drugs”

FALSE: The marijuana plant has two important components: THC and CBD. THC is a psychoactive chemical that produces the “head high” effet, whereas CBD mainly provides pain relief, anti-anxiety benefits, and inflammation reduction. The treatments for medical marijuana patients have a determined balance of the THC-to-CBD ratio that does not produce a “head high”, therefore, Medical marijuana licensed producers are more likely to sell higher CBD products, which do not generate the “high” effects or create dependency.

“Medical marijuana can cure cancer”

FALSE: Cannabis-derived cannabinoids, particularly THC and cannabidiol, can have activity against some cancers, but paradoxically also accelerate the growth of others. There is not enough information yet to ensure that medical marijuana has cancer-curing properties, although it sometimes does minimize symptoms.

“If I have a prescription for a marijuana medication, then I can bring this medication with me anywhere in the world.”

FALSE: In Canada, marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use, but some countries or states have a zero tolerance policy for this substance and you would be breaking the laws of another country. We recommend that you check before traveling if the laws of the place you are going to visit allow the use of medical marijuana.

“If marijuana is legal, then anyone can prescribe and purchase it.”

FALSE: Although recreational marijuana is legal, the components of medical marijuana are different. Patients need a MMC (Medical Marijuana Card) to purchase their medications from providers authorized and regulated by ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations). These regulations were announced on August 11, 2015 by Health Canada and they are regulated so patients can obtain high-quality marijuana medications directly from providers authorized by Health Canada.

Medical cannabis is safe because it comes from a plant.

FALSE: Like any other medicine, cannabis is broken down upon reaching the patient’s liver and not all of them will have the same body response. If you are not taking the correct medication, the correct dosage or combining it with other medications it can cause serious health problems.
It is important that the cannabis-based medicine treatment you are taking is prescribed by a doctor.

Marijuana drug overdoses can kill you like any other drug sold on the streets.
FALSE: There is no record of any deaths from marijuana overdose, but a marijuana overdose is technically possible.

“Using too much marijuana can cause extreme confusion, emotional distress, increased blood pressure, heart rate, severe nausea, or unintentional injury,” a fatal overdose is unlikely.
– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“I often say that I would venture to guess that the majority of the patients I have cared for have used cannabis during their treatment. Thus if cannabis cured cancer, I would have a lot more survivors.”
– Dr. Donald Abrams, Professor of Clinical Medicine at University of California San Francisco and general oncologist at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

Marijuana gained a bad name for the strict regulations in the past and for the lack of information available to the people. These regulations are currently being less stringent, and more importantly, there is already more research and doctors supporting the benefits of marijuana-based medicines.
Marijuana is not a miracle product that cures all diseases, but it has been shown to help reduce symptoms of many diseases and experts around the world are focusing their research to find cures for illnesses based on medical cannabis.

If you are looking to start a medical marijuana treatment for any condition, we recommend that you do not self-medicate and approach the experts for the treatment to be successful.

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