Cannabis in Canada Facts

The Cannabis Act 

In Canada, marijuana is legal for both medicinal and recreational purposes. The Cannabis Act came into effect on October 17th, 2018. The purpose of the Cannabis Act is to protect the public’s health and safety by putting an end to the illegal cannabis market and ensuring cannabis is prohibited from the youth. The rate of cannabis consumption is three times higher among Canadian youth compared to adults. The protection of youth’s health and safety is a key priority, and any related violations, such as selling cannabis to youth, will result in severe criminal penalties.

Cannabis Consumption in Canada 

Canada has one of the highest reported rates of cannabis consumption. Specifically, 40% of Canadians have used cannabis, of which 70% of users are age 25 or older. 10% of Canadians have consumed cannabis in the past year. For Canadians aged 15-24 years, 20% have consumed cannabis in the past year.

Cannabis Laws

The sale, possession, production, and distribution of cannabis are strictly regulated. These regulations ensure that Canadian adults have access to quality-controlled cannabis through a safe and reliable supply chain.

Cannabis laws differ based on each province and territory, including the legal minimum age, the amount allowed under possession, where adults may purchase and consume cannabis. Provinces and territories also exhibit flexibility to pass additional restrictions, including increasing the legal age, decreasing the amount allowed under possession, and restricting where adults may consume cannabis. The requirements for personal cultivation may also differ based on each province and territory. Municipalities may also pass bylaws to regulate the local use of cannabis. Everyone must abide by such laws, even if you are a visitor. It is your responsibility to know what is legal in the province or territory in which you reside or visit. You may access this information by visiting your provincial or territorial website.

Driving while under the influence of cannabis 

It is illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis. Driving while under the influence of cannabis will put you at a higher risk of being involved in an automobile accident. You are just as liable as a drunk driver if you choose to drive while under the influence of cannabis. Law enforcement is trained to detect drug-impaired driving.

Travelling with Cannabis 

It is illegal to transport cannabis across the Canadian border, whether you are entering or leaving the country. This includes CBD products, edible cannabis, cannabis topical, and cannabis extracts. You are prohibited from transporting cannabis across the

Canadian border even if you are travelling to or from a municipality, state or country where cannabis is legal. If you are hoping to travel with cannabis, you may want to travel within Canada only. It is legal to travel with medical cannabis within Canada. Protocols for transporting cannabis within Canada may differ between airlines, so it is essential to contact your airline before your departure.

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