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Why choose Blue Dream? Blue dream is a diverse strain as far as uses go, which can ease pain due to medical conditions or elevate your mood to the highest levels of relaxation and happiness, making this strain perfect for tackling everyday tasks.

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Blue Dream Summary

Sativa Dominant | Cross between Blueberry with Haze as the parents and Buddha’s tooth with Robert Plant as the children.


16% – 20% THC and < 1% CBD

What you’ll smell

Sweet, earthy, and fruity

What you’ll taste

Earthy, floral, hints of fruit

What you may feel

Happy, euphoric, relaxed, uplifted, creative

Reported by users & physicians

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain

Reported by users

  • Cottonmouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Headache
  • Paranoia
  • Heightened anxiety

Reported by users

Mostly used in the afternoon

Average cost per gram


We’ve provided a quick Infographic summary to guide you through the details of this strain.


But if you’re looking for a little more information to help you choose the best strain to add to your arsenal, be sure to go through the in-depth guide below.


This ultimate guide touches everything you need to know to get started with Blue Dream.


We’ll cover topics such as:


1- Blue Dream Origins

2- Flavor and Look

3- Growth Tips

4- Cannabinoid Levels

5- How to Take

6- Side Effects

7- Medical Uses

8- Recreational Uses

9- What Are People saying about Blue Dream?

10- Overall Thoughts and Blue Dream Price


Blue Dream Origins

Blue Dream was born in the sunny state of California in the early 2000s and rose to stardom rather quickly, due to its versatility among all categories of cannabis users.


Fast forward to the end of 2019, and this superstar has reached world fame and remains incredibly sought after.


Is Blue Dream sativa or indica?


This strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid created from the equally well-known haze and blueberry strains.


Its lineage includes a cross between Blueberry with Haze as the parents and Buddha’s tooth with Robert Plant as the children.


Blue Dream Appearance

Taking into account the name of this strain, and that it partially derives from a strain called blueberry, It would make sense that this bud would have obvious highlights of blue and violet, right?

Marijuana: Blue Dream Buds

In fact, it doesn’t have any blue or violet hints at all. Instead, you will find this bud to be an often vibrant sage color with light or dark shades of orange pistils. The bud itself is quite bushy and frothy.

Blue Dream Flavor and Aroma

Smoking a joint, or digging into a delightful dessert?


These nuggets are jam-packed with an invigorating earthy, floral, and even hints of delicious fruity flavor.


The aroma is nothing short of delectable. Sweet, earthy, and fruity with long-lasting effects. One whiff of this savory hybrid, and it will ignite your senses.


One thing is for sure; you will most likely find the taste and scent of this charming bud to be quite pleasantly unexpected, as most first time users agree.


Blue Dream Plant Growth

For those looking to grow their own plant, or attempt to anyhow, Blue Dream strain is a relatively moderate plant to grow as far as difficulty goes, whether grown indoors or outdoors.


However, plenty of care and attention needs to be given if you intend to harvest a healthy and high-quality crop. Remember, you reap what you sow, so don’t neglect your little green friend and follow growth instructions carefully.


This strain requires fertilizers rich in nitrogen and magnesium along with plenty of water, as this strain requires more water than most others.


It is equally important to ensure you are using high-quality soil and also to frequently check for signs of unhealthy soil or crop and remove as needed. This way, you will not compromise the quality of the end result.


Flowering time consists of about 9 to 10 weeks. Expect your plant to grow rapidly during this period, so if you think your little green pal hit a growth stunt, fear not, just be a little patient and wait for the flowering period to watch this guy flourish to its full potential of 78 inches or more.


A healthy and properly cared for plant may yield up to 3-6 Oz/Ft² at harvest time, which is a very decent haul.


Cannabinoid levels


If you are an experienced user, one of the first questions you will want to know is how high are the cannabinoid levels. If you are brand new to this scene, you probably won’t understand what cannabinoid means.


Cannabinoids are compounds that occur naturally in cannabis plants. The most common and well-known compounds are THC and CBD.

THC is responsible for the euphoric feeling or high effect on your body after consuming marijuana. CBD does not give a high, but is well known for its soothing and sometimes healing properties-which are ideal for individuals with certain health conditions.


Blue Dream strain will average at a THC level of about 20%, and a CBD level so low, it can’t be considered relevant.


Non-traditional Ways to Take Cannabis

Every user will know about the traditional ways of taking cannabis by inhaling it, whether that be via smoking a rolled joint, bong, vaping, etc.


However, these methods may not be ideal for all users. Asthma, pneumonia, chronic cough, lung cancer, and other pulmonary sensitivities and conditions are reasons to stay clear of smoke inhalation.


Or perhaps you just want help with a medical condition or are very health conscious and do not wish to add strain to your lungs by smoking.


There are many contributing factors to why a user will seek alternative methods.


We have compiled a shortlist of fun, creative, and healthy ways to get the benefits of this mighty plant.


  • Oil– A popular way of getting your fix is by taking it orally in the form of oil. Simply place the dropper under your tongue or at the back of your mouth and squish. You can enjoy the benefits of cannabis in no time.


The best way to receive oil if you’re suffering from medical conditions, it to gain a prescription for medical marijuana. You not only get the treatment you need, but you can claim it in your taxes in canada or in many cases even have it covered by your health insurance.


  • Tea– This is a refreshing, healthy, and potentially very yummy way of taking cannabis. Mixing your strain with one of your favorite brews, and then simply adding honey and milk will dilute the flavor of the marijuana, and make it quite tasty. Not only do you continue to get anxiety and pain relief, this method may also help with digestion.


  • Topicals– Some research suggests that topical ointments may be very beneficial to individuals with eczema and arthritis. You can get the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties without the psychoactive effects.


Topicals can also be purchased through Health Canada Licensed Producers if you have a medical marijuana prescription.


  • Capsules– Relatively new to the market, capsules are a great way of getting all the benefits of cannabis without the pungent smell and flavor that come with it. You also have the added advantage of not putting in the work of preparing in cooking or tea if you aren’t feeling up to it.


Licensed Producers also offer capsules to medical marijuana patients.


  • Edibles– Special brownies anyone? Adding cannabis in cooking is a great way to enjoy a fun day of mixing and baking in the kitchen and enjoying the fruits of your labor afterward. Premade edibles are another great option if creating in the kitchen isn’t your thing. Just sit back, munch, relax, and let the waves of serenity take over after a long day of adulting.

As of October, edibles have been legalized for sale in Canada as long as they come from a Health Canada Licensed Producer.


Once again, if you want to benefit from tax deductions and insurance coverage, be sure to get a medical marijuana card and order your edibles online through a licensed producer.


Companies such as SmartLeaf Health Services help you get a free prescription from a qualified doctor. They will also connect you to the right LPs so you get the cannabis you need in the form you want to try.


Side Effects

Although cannabis is natural and consumption will often lead to no uncomfortable side effects, it is still possible to acquire some discomfort or even more serious side effects.


  • Dry mouth and dry eyes seem to be the most common side effects reported among blue dream strain users.


  • Nausea and dizziness are also a possibility if too much is consumed.


  • Paranoia has been reported, which is a feeling of irrational distrust and suspicion of the people around you.


  • Anxiousness has also been reported, which is a feeling of nervousness, discomfort, worry, and uneasiness.


Too much of a good thing can quickly turn into a bad thing; such is valid with cannabis use as well.


Weed has proven its efficiency both in the recreational and medical world, becoming a staple substance among users.


Contrary to popular belief, one can very much overdo it. One can combat most if not all, uncomfortable and more serious side effects by simply being responsible when consuming.


Don’t ignore your body, don’t overindulge, stick to the recommended dosage, and keep hydrated.


These are easy steps to remember to ensure a pleasing experience, and most importantly, you can keep a good thing positive.


If you’re new to cannabis or simply unsure as to which strain, dosage or cannabinoid levels are right for you, it will be best to book an appointment with a medical marijuana physician.


They can help direct you based on your conditions and prescribe the best dosage and strains for your unique situation and body.


Blue Dream Strain Medical Uses

Blue Dream has a high THC level; however, its sedative effects are low, making this strain very convenient as well as desirable for afternoon use.


Medical users have reported this strain to be ideal for relieving the following discomforts caused by medical conditions and side effects due to prescription medications:


  • Anxiety


  • Depression


  • Inflammation


  • Nausea


  • Chronic Pain


If that didn’t sound amazing for patients needing an alternative to prescription medication, medical users even reported feeling more energized, uplifted, and an increase in appetite, which, of course, is crucial when going through daunting treatment that leaves patients utterly exhausted, such as cancer treatment.


Recreational Uses

Recreational users have given very high praise for this versatile strain.


Because of its mild effects despite its rather high THC level, most users of blue dream have deemed it optimal for helping clear the mind and elevating creativity and concentration.


From cleaning, writing, gaming, cooking, working out, watching TV, socializing, or simply relaxing and listening to music, this highly distinguished strain has got you covered for just about any task that requires focus.


What Are People Saying About Blue Dream?

We have given Blue Dream a lot of praise throughout this article, but you don’t have to take our word for it.


Read through the comments of real users giving honest feedback below to see what they really think. These great reviews are courtesy of


  • “Perfect for reducing inflammation and the mild chill effects are a great way to start the day. I smoke this in the morning When I wake up and at nite before sleep.”


  • “This strain in particular is a by far my favorite hybrid. I really love the smell and high I get from it. The smell is almost like a meadow of flowers and it has the aroma of something I can enjoy for hours. The high is magnificent. The high I get from it makes me slump on my bed and I can easily watch my shows or movies with this high or text people and I can hold a conversation longer than I normally would. Overall I give it a 12/10. It’s perfect!”


  • “This strain helped me feel both relaxed but also able to function in public. Great strain for people who want to have a calm and relaxing day out.”


  • “Since you’re reading this, you’ve probably read other reviews of this strain and thought, “Wow, this strain seems to be pretty awesome.” Well, I’m here to tell you they’re all correct. This strain is great for unwinding after work. Have some before cooking dinner, eat, smoke some more, then prepare an evening of tv. The *insert domestic beer of your choice* of marijuana. Be warned, there’s nothing dreamy about smoking this stuff; she tends to fight back with lobs of thick, wholesome smoke jabbed with voluptuous herbal tones. That being said, powering through a couple of bowls or a fat doink is well with the rush of cerebral buzz and powerful muscle relaxing and pain- relieving qualities this fantastic, bushy herb has to offer. She’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s affectionate, Blue Dream sativa is the All-American strain.”


Cost and Overall Thoughts

Ok, Blue Dream strain is definitely the cool kid on the block and for a good reason. Almost all cannabis users can benefit in one way or another from the treasures this highly esteemed plant gives.


It is a pleasant balance of a body and head high, without the overwhelming sedative effects that usually come with a high THC strain.


This strain works very well for active people who need a boost in creative thinking or just a boost to get the chores done around the house.


Despite the happy, uplifting, and energetic effects it tends to give users, the Blue Dream hybrid is also ideal for simply relaxing and lounging around the house.


Furthermore, there have been loads of potential for people suffering from medical ailments. 


It may be an excellent alternative for side effects caused by prescription medications. But of course, this should always be discussed with your doctor first.


The Blue Dream cost will run you on average of about $10-$11 per gram of loose dried product.


This superstar gets two thumbs up for high quality, affordable, and excellent reviews!


Please be advised that this guide is not a substitute for medical advice. Always speak to a healthcare professional before using cannabis to treat medical conditions or recreational use.


You can also conveniently click here to book an appointment with one of our healthcare professionals for more advice.


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