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Find out if medical cannabis is right for you – Book an appointment to get prescription!

By filling out the form, we can quickly book you in to see one of our qualified cannabis physicians or doctors which are closest to you. The physicians/doctors will go over your concerns and condition(s) with you in a quick consult. A prescription will be provided with the best strain, type and levels for your unique situation. The consult is free – covered by Alberta Health.

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The first step to gaining access is to speak with a qualified physician about your symptoms. The physician will determine if you qualify for this type of treatment and this consultation is absolutely free – covered by Alberta Health Care. If qualified, you will receive a prescription for medical cannabis. We will then connect you with Health Canada Licensed Producers so you get your treatment delivered straight to your door. Our team will be here to support you every step of the way and provide you with education.
To book an appointment with one of our medical professionals, please complete all fields in the form above. Once completed our office will contact you for an appointment to see one of our licensed Medical Doctors and Health Canada Approved Licensed Producers.
If you’re suffering from chronic pain, nausea and vomiting caused by medical conditions, or other chronic illnesses, you may qualify for a medical marijuana prescription to get relief from…

We are proud to offer same day appointments, or latest next business day appointments if you book after hours.

The total time of your appointment usually takes about 30 minutes. However, our team is happy to support you if more time is required.

Seeing a physician and receiving a prescription is 100% covered by your Alberta Health. Education is also free. Once you’re ready to start treatment, we will connect you to Licensed Producers where you can place your first order for treatment. Medical cannabis is covered by many insurance providers so check with your insurance to see if you can make a claim. You can also claim it under your taxes so be sure to keep your receipts.

The cost of medical cannabis is set by the individual Licensed producer and varies from $6-$15 per gram.

Both recreational from a licensed dispensary and medical marijuana licensed producers are highly regulated and must meet certain conditions and standards. However, there are added benefits to purchasing medical cannabis from an LP. Patients have access to more strains, oils, capsules and licensed producers than recreational users. There are certain tax breaks, some insurance providers may cover your treatment, and you assure you get the right strains & CBD to THC balance you need for your specific condition.


No, you do not have to smoke if you don’t want to. We connect you with many different treatment options to choose from oils, to capsules, to topicals and more. Speak to one of our phycisians to help you choose the right treatment option for you.